Arbor Press Kit


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IT?S NEW! That is what they were saying about the Arbor Press in?the 1890s. It was a new invention then and it is still a great tool.?Well, it is new again! It is new in our line, and you will not find a?prettier Arbor Press anywhere. Besides, you can fit ours in your?pocket! No other production manufacturer can make that claim. The?1/12 scale Arbor Press measures 2? wide by 4-3/4? high. You?ll love?it!

Kit comes?complete with 4 easy machining aluminum castings, all required?hardware, material, bar stock, and complete working drawings. Machining and assembly required.


5.00 out of 5

review for Arbor Press Kit

  1. John C Wood (verified owner)

    Great little project, turned out very well.
    Some very intricate machine work.
    much enjoyed.

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