Boiler Feed Pump


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Product Description

A small hand-operated, piston-type hydraulic pump used to replenish boiler water while boiler is in use and under pressure. Also used to hydrostatically test your boiler and other hydraulic applications. These pumps have been known to produce up to 400 psi. Constructed of a cast bronze body, brass end cap and packing nut, with stainless steel piston and valves.

Unmachined Kit consisting of one bronze casting, all bar stock, hardware, complete working drawings, etc. Fully machined kit only requires assembly.

  • Diameter Bore 3/8″
  • Stroke 3/4″
  • Overall Dimensions: 3-3/4″  length, 4″  height, 1-3/4″  width.
  • Threaded: 5/16-27 (1/16 NPT)


5.00 out of 5

reviews for Boiler Feed Pump

  1. Hampton (verified owner)

    Great little kit! This was my first time working from castings, and it went very smoothly. The trick with the little clevis pins is that they are under 1/8″…measure them with calipers and pick a wire gauge drill that’s very close to their actual size. If you drill 1/8″ holes for them, you’ll have a VERY loose fit. Not a big issue as long as you know about it before you drill.

  2. Charles Wells (verified owner)

    This is an excellent project for the beginning machinist. The kit is quite complete, and the drawing is excellent. After building one, I ordered another kit for my daughter to build.

  3. David Szromba (verified owner)

    The PMR fully machined boiler feed pump kit is very easy to assemble. I would recommend it for several reasons.
    1. A great way to supply water to PMR’s boilers.
    2. Makes pressure testing boilers a simple procedure.
    3. Fills and supplies boiler water faster than I thought.
    4. Acts as check valve between water supply and boiler
    5. Has no problem pumping over 100psi.
    It could use shorter cotter pins, but nothing that wire cutters couldn’t handle.
    Pictures via email of my steam plant are available at –>

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