Steam Engine #3


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Product Description


This engine is similar to those used to provide line shaft power to factories and mills in the 1800s. The line shafts conveyed the power to machinery via pulleys and flat leather belts. With a 2-1/4″ inch flywheel and an overall length of 6 inches, this kit will make a great project for the machinist with a small lathe. The casting kit is available with either aluminum castings, or bronze & iron castings. Either way, all hardware, gasket material, bar stock, and 9 sand castings plus complete working drawings are included. Machining and assembly required.

The bronze iron kit is also available fully machined for easy assembly if you desire.

  • Bore: 1/2″
  • Stroke: 3/4″
  • Double Acting
  • Flywheel Diameter: 2-1/4″
  • Overall Length: 6″


5.00 out of 5

reviews for Steam Engine #3

  1. galenv (verified owner)

    Purchased the Steam Engine #3 in aluminum not machined. Arrived in a very short time. At first inspection all the casting look good and are smoother than the CI sets I see on videos, but the main base does have either shrinkage or failed to fill the base below the outed bearing. Will need to fill the depression before it gets painted. Very good plan sheets. wish I had seen a list of taps and dies needed as you might know most of my smaller is in metric , not imperial. Most orders as I cannot get locally. I’d a one eyes retired machinist so things can go slow!

  2. Jonathan Patton (verified owner)

    Purchased the fully machined kit. Castings were very nice and machining was excellent! The engine went together very easily, and after a short break in period, runs very smoothly and slowly on nothing more than an aquarium air pump! Fantastic little engine!

  3. Espen Spence

    This (iron/bronze) was my first engine machined from castings and I highly recommend this engine as a first-time-with-castings project. It’s not too complicated yet quite a lot of parts to make. The kit is well suitable for Sherline / Taig lathes & mills or similar small machines.

  4. Clinton Taylor

    great small engine

  5. Tom (verified owner)

    My wife and daughter bought me this kit for x-mas. Let me say 1st off, the castings are fantastic….minor filing and fitting were required along with some 600-1500 grit sanding. I lapped the cylinder and heads…….after a 1/2 hour it was running on less than 10psi of air (no gaskets)…..

    This thing is whisper quiet and a joy to watch. My birthday is coming up and I’ll definitely be outfitting this engine for a small steam plant. I have one minor issue with PM Research……just wondering when they’ll add a vertical machined sibling to the lineup…..maybe a #3V?????

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