Steam Engine #4


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This is not a scaled-down model, but a full-size working steam engine. It is a replica of a rare old steam engine used for various small portable power applications a century ago. This engine was sold as a casting kit in 1895 by the Chas. A Strelinger Co. of Detroit, MI. The castings were made by their foundry, the Leland & Faulconer Mfg. Co., 480-500 Trombly Ave., Detroit, MI. It was rated then as 1/4 H.P. Think of it! A full-size working engine that you have built. A machinist’s delight! The total height is 19 inches and the flywheel diameter is 6-7/8″ inches.

Kit comes complete with 15 iron and bronze castings, all required hardware, gasket material, bar stock and complete working drawings. Machining and assembly required.

  • Bore 1-1/2
  • Stroke 2-1/2
  • Double Acting


5.00 out of 5

reviews for Steam Engine #4

  1. Mark

    Is there a machined kit coming soon? I would love to have one of these engines!

  2. Dan Mulderig

    This is a big robust engine that was interesting to build. The castings are good quality and having all the bits is great, no hunting for material. The price for the kit is a bargain.

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