Steam Engine #6


4.80 out of 5
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This is the horizontal sister to our #4 Engine. Both engines were sold as casting kits by the Charles A. Strelinger Co. of Detroit, MI. Both were rated at 1/4 H.P. Wow! Our second full size engine! You could build either one or both!

Kit comes complete with 15 cast iron and bronze castings, all required hardware, gasket material, bar stock and complete working drawings. Drip feed oilers not included but are available in our steam accessories section.

  • Bore 1-1/2″
  • Stroke 2-1/2″
  • Double Acting
  • Height: 7-1/2″
  • Length: 18″
  • Width: 8″
  • Flywheel Dia: 6-7/8″


4.80 out of 5

reviews for Steam Engine #6

  1. Bruce Raggett

    Hi Guys. Now July 2020. Would you be able to advise on shipping to New Zealand now that Air Freight has taken such a hard hit?
    I have seen a build video and like the quality of the castings, just like the look of the “Sand Casting” finish.
    Good luck for the rest of 2020. Interesting times!

  2. Terry Linenberger (verified owner)

    This was my first casting kit and first steam engine. The castings were great to machine. I found the prints and instructions to be all they could be to finish a running engine. I always questioned why there were a lot of smaller engines available but not many large ones. Now I see why. Large engines take up a lot of shelf space, can get quite heavy and use a LOT of air to run. Having said that I don’t think I would care to build a small one.

  3. Massimo

    Hello i want to buy this kit
    Can give me some information
    Whath pressure steam work ?
    How many tour doing shaft i want put together one wind
    Whath boiler used for power steam this model ?

    • pmrgang


      Thank you for your inquiry. In order to quote you, I will need to put you in my billing and shipping program. I will need your full name, billing address, shipping address and telephone number. If you place the order on-line, I will email you a quote to include International Priority Mail Insured shipping and will await your okay to ship or cancel the order at your request.

      We do not offer a boiler that runs this engine. We operate this engine on compressed air. You will need to build your own boiler or find a machinist to build you a boiler. The boiler will need to produce 100-120 PSI to operate this engine. I will attach a sheet on boiler sizing. Here is a link to Don who has done an excellent job of documenting his build of his own boiler to operate the 6CI, his build of the 6CI and his build of the R-WC-C, Red Wing water Cooled engine. Go under special projects II. This documentation may help you with your builds.

      Please provide your information, and I will provide you the quote. Have a great evening and Happy 2017 to you and your family.

      PM Research

  4. Eric

    Iam building this engine and I cna not believe the quality of the casting . The crank can be a challenge its in 5 pieces that need tobe pressed together. Iam not done yet but so far so good its not easy but that part of the fun at my age I need a challenge.

  5. Dennis

    I chose this engine as my first kit.
    I did most of the work on a 7×12 lathe.
    The flywheel casting is too big for a lathe this size.
    I had to farm the flywheel out to have the shaft bore doen and the outside cut down to size.
    Once the outside was done I could mount the wheel on my face plate and do more cuts to finish.

    The crank was the next most difficult for me.
    I mounted both sides of the crank throws together on the face plate to ensure the throws matched.

    The bed is next and required a lot of hand filing to get in useable condition.
    The bearings I worked in with a blank shaft and grinding compound. It would have been easier on the apropriate machines.

    Don’t let the lack of tools stop you from starting this project.

    • pmrgang

      Also, we have links to He did an excellent job documenting his build of the 6CI and Red Wing. Dennis, thank you for sharing.

      Jim PM Research

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