Steam Engine #7


5.00 out of 5

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Product Description


This kit comes as an un-machined casting kit or fully machined. This makes it a great project for any hobbyist or the more enthusiastic machinist with a small lathe. Because of the twin cylinders, this engine has the unique ability to always start by just turning on the steam. There is no need to crank the flywheel. Our thanks to modeler Pete Rose for the idea. The casting kit comes complete with 16 bronze and iron castings, all required hardware, gasket material, brass and steel bar stock, and working drawings. Machining and assembly required.

For those not able to machine it, We also offer this in a fully machined kit ready for easy assembly.

  • Bore 1/2″
  • Stroke 3/4″
  • Twin Engine
  • Length: 6-1/4″
  • Height: 3-1/2″
  • Width: 6-3/4″
  • Flywheel Dia: 3″


5.00 out of 5

reviews for Steam Engine #7

  1. Ax Kramer (verified owner)

    Not a complex project to machine but none-the-less there are many parts to fabricate, and several interesting setups are required. Don’t overlook this one thinking that there is too little to do to be of interest. The engine actually takes many hours to machine, making it a worthwhile project. As usual for P.M. Research, the base iron casting is without the hard spots that characterize the castings of some other vendors. The finished engine is a real showpiece!

  2. Chesston gladbach (verified owner)

    Just finished this one up and runs amazing. I bought it for my son as a Christmas gift and for something we could build together. Assembly was really easy with minor sanding on a few parts to help loosen a few minor binds. Otherwise a great project.

  3. Lee Farris (verified owner)

    I purchased this double cylinder engine and performed a flawless assembly. The only machining I had to do was to polish the piston push rod so it would move freely through the hole on the bottom side of the piston. This kit went together very well and once assembled runs very smooth with less than 1/4 lb of air pressure. The most difficult part was understanding how to set the valves on each cylinder but once I understood very easy to time. This engine requires no assistance to start running. I apply a small amount of air pressure to get it running and once running back down the air pressure to about a 1/4 PSI. Great little engine and a great learning tool for those who want to understand steam engines.

  4. Tom Wilcox

    I bought the ‘needing to be machined’ kit. This was the third engine I built/machined, and the second PMR engine. The drawings are great, and the castings are of the finest quality. If you are new-ish to machining, this is a great kit.

  5. David Szromba (verified owner)

    I am not a machinist so I purchased the #7 steam engine, fully machined kit. There are a lot of sharp edges and burrs to clean off, but all part of making the builder appreciate the project more. After laying out all the parts as shown in the exploded view, it all makes sense. A clean light colored towel works good here. At that point, this builder started with the smallest parts. Common sense tells you to press the pins into the holes, no hammers! Tighten the bolts evenly, and make each assembly work smoothly, one at a time.
    The proof of good parts fit and assembly comes when testing the first, cylinder (either). My first run was at 4psi compressed air pressure!
    I am very pleased with the outcome and would recommend this engine assembly to anyone that has the interest.
    B.T.W. it is mostly self starting, even when cold. Feel free to email me with any concerns. I’d be happy to discuss the assembly and running of the PMR #7 two cylinder live steam engine.

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