Steam Engine #8


4.67 out of 5
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AHOY MATES! Many of you have asked for it. Well, here it is! PM’s first true marine engine. You are going to love this little Beauty! This unique engine has forward, reverse, and speed control capabilities, using a single lever which can be servo operated for radio control. Think of it. Just one servo does all of this! Stop! Go Forward! Go Aft! And control the speed in both directions!
This engine features a cast bronze base and frames, plus oilite bronze sleeve bearings on the crank shaft and piston rod. The crank pin bearings are machined from solid bronze which run on a ground pin. It also has a precision ground stainless steel piston rod with O ring seals. The lightweight aluminum cylinders are hard anodized to give you long wear. The crankshaft is 3/16″ diameter precision ground stainless steel. The steam inlet and outlet are both threaded 3/16-40. This kit comes completely machined for easy assembly.

  • Bore 1/2″
  • Stroke 3/4″
  • Twin Cylinder Double Acting
  • Height: 2-1/2″
  • Width: 4-1/2″
  • Length: 3-1/8″


4.67 out of 5

reviews for Steam Engine #8

  1. Wendel Brunner (verified owner)

    This is a very elegant engine with bronze castings and nicely machined cylinders and frames at a good price. However, it required a fair amount of fussing and fitting to assemble and get running well. The piston rods would not fit through the sleeve bearings; I had to hone them using a 1/8″ brass rod sanded down to about .122 in a drill with some Brasso abrasive polish. Likewise the crank shaft wouldn’t fit through the bearings. They had to be reamed to 3/16″, as the directions suggested might be necessary. The small curve springs are hard to adjust. Finally, the control valve leaks. I tried lapping it some with valve grinding compound, but it needs more. But after breaking in a couple of hours on compressed air, the engine runs beautifully. A live steam test went well, except for some leakage at the control valve, and I can’t wait to put it in a boat. .

  2. Bruce (verified owner)

    Just now buying my 2nd #8 engine (in 6 days) , i was a little intimidated by the 1st build ,don’t be, if you follow the instructions you will have no problem, 2-3 hrs later you will have 1 sweet dialed in smooth running engine, i consider this one of the best engine deals in the catalog, especially for beginners. The fit & finish is very good.
    St. Paul Steam.

  3. Glen Senkowski

    This is one of the best deals out there in model steam engines. Self starting with throttle and reverse and a very reliable little engine. Check out my posting of a pair of these engines powering a 1/32 Civil War ironclad.

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